Mutant lamb amazes farmer after being born with two heads and three ears

The lamb was born with two heads and three ears in an Argentine farm

Farmers in Argentina were left baffled when a sheep gave birth to a mutant lamb born with two heads and three ears.

The deformed lamb survived a short few days before it reportedly died in a university laboratory.

It was born at a farm in the Colonia La Alianza area of the municipality of Coronel Belisle, Rio Negro province of central Argentina.

A distressing video shows the lamb bleating weakly while struggling to stand up.

A woman wraps the mutant lamb with a plastic bag and picks it up for a closer look.

Farmer Juan Carlos Sarasola, who owns around 50 sheep, told local media: “It is usual to see two trotters coming out from the mother and the nose, but nothing was happening.

The lamb was born with two heads and three ears in an Argentine farm

“We did not know what to do. We thought the offspring was dead, or that it was twins, so the work was more difficult.”

Juan asked for help from a worker who put his hands into the mother sheep’s womb to check for the animal’s condition.

The worker then told the owner the unborn lamb had two heads and three ears and Juan says: “I thought he was crazy.”

The lamb couldn't stand up due to the heavy weight on the heads
The lamb couldn’t stand up due to the heavy weight on the heads

The men decided to put the mother sheep down in order to stop it suffering more and managed to complete the birth of the two-headed lamb.

They gave the newborn some milk from its mother and the farmer said: “It was taking the milk with the mouth of one head and the milk was going out through the nose of the other.”

The animal was placed by a heater on the first night believing it would be dead by the morning but they found it alive the following day.

Juan said: “We could hear it bleating without stopping so we fed it and gave it warmth.”

He said the lamb was unable to stand up as the two heads appeared too heavy for it but “it was fine”.

The farmer and his wife contacted professors from the Veterinary Hospital School of the University of Rio Negro who took in the animal for analysis.

It is unclear what caused the malformation and the lamb reportedly died after four days.

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