Man home alone petrified by ‘ghost’ after hearing creepy ‘crying’ noises in trailer

The mystery noises were enough to creep anyone out

A man has complained of mysterious “crying” sounds creeping him out when he is alone and asked a Reddit “ghosts” forum for help identifying the spine-tingling noise.

In a video, he shows his trailer which apparently has no living person inside other than himself.

But as he records, a deep wailing noise comes from somewhere in the building, and, as he walks through his rooms, he can’t find the source of the sound.

It then intensifies into a prolonged howl.

The Reddit user said he was being besieged by “creepy crying sounds” and explained: “I’m home alone, I live in a trailer park where mountain lions are not a thing.

The mystery noises were enough to creep anyone out

“The first few seconds you can hear the crying sounds. The rest is me exploring my house.”

He added: “The neighbours have a parrot but it only screams out ‘mom’ not anything like this.”

The video was up-voted hundreds of times and there was a broad consensus that the noises, although definitely “creepy”, were not paranormal at all.

One person wrote: “Definitely a cat of some sort, or goblin, either way, salt the entryways!”

Another person said: “Did you look for a stray cat under your trailer or near it? Kinda sounds like a cat.

The noise was thought to be a cat rather than a ghost
The noise was thought to be a cat rather than a ghost

“Creepy but I would assume that’s what it is.”

“What is it with people that anytime they hear a strange noise omg is it ghosts? blasted someone else.

“I’m going to make my hamburger float and most of you would think ooooh ghosts.”

This comes after a man claimed to have been a victim of paranormal activity following his discovery of a creepy-looking dummy he “mocked” and took selfies with.

He said he found the doll in the woods and, after taking photos of it, suffered a number of misfortunes including a car crash and a “666” message on a shop receipt.

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